3 Ways To Know What Course You Should Study

Without research, it is evident that many students rounding up secondary school education are indecisive on what career path they should follow right after. This dilemma is very common in developing countries like Nigeria because many young people are torn between choosing passion which may offer more personal satisfaction over financial stability or a white-collar job conversely.

Tips on how to discover what course you should study.

Here are three carefully thought-out tips on how to discover what course you should study.

  • Capability

Before you do anything, first of all, see if you can actually ‘do’ it. Be realistic with how much you can take on. Check if the core subjects in that course are your strong points. If they are not, is the plan to educate yourself on extra time feasible? Then, there is a need to establish a genuine interest in that particular course or subject. Where willpower fails, interest and motivation sustain.

  • Access to Learn

Once you are decided on what your capabilities are, you must search for the higher learning institutions with good track records for your proposed course. Ask yourself these questions – How is my education being funded? Can I meet the financial requirements of this institution in the long run? What other schools teach my proposed course? Where can I get the best education? These questions will help you decide where to study.

  • Job Opportunities

Last but definitely not least, you will need to research possible places to work after your education. What company would require such a degree? Is this course lucrative? What is the job market outlook? Are the work environments conducive? Will I require further education before I enter the job market?

Remember to take your research seriously;  read all about your course and all the requirements – moral, social, and financial. Resources on TertFinder will be of great help to you. Additionally, spark conversations with other students or workers in the same career or field for firsthand experience before you make that truly life-changing decision.

Happy Searching! Check out the course calculator to know if your subject combination suits your course.

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