WAEC Result Held and Other Errors: What do they mean?

There is a lot of excitement and suspense in waiting for your WAEC results to be released. It becomes disheartening when your peers celebrate their results while you cannot even access yours.

Are you having trouble checking your WAEC results? This article highlights the common errors on the WAEC result checker and what they mean.

There are many possible errors and challenges when accessing WAEC results. The most common are

  • Outstanding 
  • Pending
  • Held
  • Withheld
  • No Result For This Candidate in the Specified Year
  • Invalid Card Details
  • Website Can’t Be Reached
  • Card Already Used by Another Candidate
  • Result Checker Count Exceeded

Outstanding or Pending

Candidates who receive this message in the WAEC result checker portal have unresolved errors due to wrong input during their registration or examination. On correction, the results will be released for display. 

Result Held or Result Withheld

Candidates who receive this error message are in violation of certain examination rules and regulations, individually or collectively, as a centre. Possible cause is when the candidates in the same centre have the same grades or were reported for malpractice or other rule-breaking activities. The reversal of this verdict has a very slim possibility.

No Result For This Candidate in the Specified Year

If you see this error, you have likely inputted the wrong details in the result checker.  Then try again to check if you entered the right exam year, type, and number. Try carefully to enter the right examination number (a combination of your centre and your candidate numbers) on your first try. If you accidentally open another candidate’s result, you will need to buy a new scratch card to continue.

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Invalid Card Details

Candidates who receive this error have entered the wrong PIN and serial number combination. Make sure you fill in the PIN and Serial Number fields correctly. The PIN is a 10-digit number on your WAEC e-PIN voucher, and the Serial Number is located behind your WAEC examination card.

Website Can’t Be Reached

This error is displayed in times of site congestion or high traffic. You and many other candidates may be trying to access the result portal simultaneously. To circumvent this error, check your results only when network and browsing conditions are optimal, usually at midnight or early morning hours. 

Card Already Used by Another Candidate

If your scratch card has been used by someone else, you will see this error. WAEC limits the use of its e-PIN vouchers to one candidate per voucher. You will need a new voucher to proceed. Buy vouchers from WAEC offices or accredited sellers

Result Checker Count Exceeded

Every attempt to check your WAEC result counts, and WAEC e-PIN vouchers can only be used five times, after which a candidate will need a new voucher to check their results. To prevent this error, make sure you have a stable network connection before attempting to check your result. 

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