Time Management and Maximising Productivity in the University

Time Management and Maximising Productivity

The university is laden with so many extracurricular activities, associations, and communities that add to the quality of one’s academic experience. A student will always find themselves in one or two of such communities. Being a part of an extracurricular activity poses no threat to educational success unless the student fails to balance these activities to give precedence to their education. The absence of this balance is one of the causes of struggle in academic environments.

Time and Productivity are interconnected, hence it is important to understand how to manage time and maximize productivity in higher institutions. A balanced student always knows when to do what needs to be done. Productivity comes when time is efficiently allocated to every activity.

 time management productivity

time management and Maximising Productivity

This article features three proven tips to help any student maximize productivity and manage time effectively.

Identifying Time Wasters

Social media, mobile games, binge-watching movies, chit-chatting with friends, and even procrastination are common examples of time wasters for students. By recognizing what activities waste their time, a student learns to avoid them.

Setting Priorities

In maximizing time, prioritizing goals will come in handy. Make a list of activities and allot a timeframe of completion for each, starting with short-term ones. Break goals into small and realistic tasks, giving precedence to activities necessary to your academic improvement.

Fostering Healthy Study Habits

A student who reads last-minute will never have enough time to study. Hence, it is necessary to have a personal study schedule drawn across the course duration, leading up to assessment dates. To study effectively, identify the best study times, minimize distractions, set reading goals with varying study techniques, and create a routine around reading. Effective time management and the maximization of productivity require a high level of discipline and determination. The results do not just come after errors are identified, but rather after work has been put in to get the best out of time in the university. 

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