Three Sites That Make Learning Easy for University Students

Excelling in academics and learning in general demands more than a perfect lecture attendance record and updated notes. Thankfully, we are in an era where tips and hacks to educational success are readily available on one of the greatest resources to ever exist – the internet.

From the comfort of a mobile phone, students now have access to tons of free resources that make learning easy for them in university via the internet. However, this large online library might be challenging to navigate, especially for first-year students. In this article, TertFinder highlights three sites to get any student started on their journey to academic success.

The first site is Youtube.

YouTube is a free media platform owned by Google. Although this platform is popular for entertainment videos, a recent study has proven that over half of the site’s visitors use it to learn new things. With time and dedication, anyone can learn anything on YouTube, including educational subjects. Due to its visually interactive nature and bite-sized lessons, YouTube is now home to some of the best educational tutors in the world and is approved by teachers and students alike.

Some educational YouTube channels worthy of mention are:

  1. Khan Academy
  2. Numberphile
  4. The Organic Chemistry Tutor
  5. Codecademy
  6. Crash Course

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Coming in at Number Two is Nairaland. Even though it is not a conventional tutorial channel, Nairaland is a goldmine for information from every sector of life in and out of Nigeria, for Nigerians. As expected, there is no shortage of educational resources and academic information, especially for students. Ten minutes on Nairaland can open you up to information you might have had to pay for elsewhere. From access to student clusters and experts from your field of study to firsthand information about institutions, Nairaland has proven to be a good learning tool in the hands of motivated students.

As much of the material on this site is free and open to all, be wary of scammers who try to prey on the ignorance of others and extort money or spread misleading information.

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Last but not least is Quizlet. Ever had to crash study for an upcoming exam? Quizlet is famous for providing students with free study sets, quizzes, and games on various topics to make learning fun, fast and easy. With over 64 different subjects written and vetted by professionals, Quizlet also provides step-by-step solutions to complex questions. Students can even customize their own flashcards and study on the go. To get started, simply create an account and then type a topic in the search bar.

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As with any internet learning platform, distractions are a major disadvantage. Students can burn time on a different topic from what was originally set out to learn if they are negligent during their learning sessions. On the bright side, these platforms offer free services, so all you will need is a smart device with a stable internet connection.

Happy learning!

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