How To Get a TETFund Scholarship

Tetfund Scholarship Scholarship

Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) is an intervention scheme established by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, primarily to expand, manage, and monitor education tax for educational institutions owned by the Nigerian government. 

Prior to its establishment in June 2011, the disbursement of funds to public tertiary institutions was poorly managed by the FG. The TETFund initiative is now charged with monitoring and regulating the financial welfare of these institutions and covers all forms of rehabilitative and restorative project management and additional support for the Federal and State schools.

The TETFund also intervenes in monetary disbursement for social amenities and physical infrastructure, learning materials and equipment, research, book development and journal publication, academic staff training, and any essentials to maintain public education standards in the related institutions. From 2002 to date, the scheme has executed over 10000 projects in close to 225 Nigerian schools.

In this article, TertFinder covers all the details on how to get a TETFund scholarship.

The TETFund Scholarship

The TETFund is famous for sponsoring infrastructure in Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education across the country. However, the scholarship wallet is not talked about enough. Under the Academic Staff Training arm, TETFund has processed over ₦180 billion in scholarships to train 35,000 intellectuals in Master’s Degrees and Ph.D. programs within and outside Nigeria since 2008, an expenditure only second to the infrastructure budget. These scholarships are disbursed with the aim of developing the educational capacities of public teaching staff across the country.

The TETFund Academic Staff Training and Development Grant covers tuition fees (paid directly to the institutions) and living expenses and is available to postgraduate teaching staff from public tertiary institutions. It is a full-time study and requires on-campus attendance from the shortlisted beneficiaries.

How To Get a TETFund Scholarship in 2022

To be eligible for the TETFund Academic Staff Training and Development (AST&D) Programme, beneficiaries must have met the following conditions:

a) Be nominated by the Beneficiary’s institution through the institution’s AST&D Committee or Staff Development Committee as the case may be;

b) Completed TETFund AST & D Nomination Form duly signed and stamped by the Head of Department, Dean of Faculty, and the Vice Chancellor or Rector or Provost of the beneficiary institution;

c) Submitted current Admission Letter (with cost implication, if the programme is tenable in foreign Universities/Institutions)

d) Submitted their Curriculum Vitae which must include an email address;

e) Submitted a duly completed, signed and stamped Bond form with the beneficiary institution where they are an employee in the teaching profession of the institution;

f) Submitted their Bank Details, i.e., Official Salary Pay Point.

TETFund Research Grant

Another TETFund academic-based intervention is the Research Grant. The TETFund Research Grant is a scholarship scheme available to qualified Nigerian researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation; and Cross-Cutting. Over ₦8 billion is allocated to this fund annually by the Nigerian Federal Government.

TETFund is mandated with the promotion of research in Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. Under the Research Grant, the scheme accomplishes this mandate via the Fund for Institution Based Research (IBR) and the National Research Fund (NRF).

Available Thematic Areas for the TETFund Research Fund*

Area 1National Integration, Conflict, Defense and Security
Area 2Education and Human Capital
Area 3Economic Development and Globalization
Area 4History, Culture and Identities
Area 5Languages, Kinds of Literature and Media
Area 6Social Development and Welfare
Area 7Population and Migration
Area 8Governance, Politics, Law and Ethics
Area 9Tourism, Sports and Recreation
Area 10Gender, Equity and Social Inclusion
Area 11Humanities, Social Sciences, Technology, and Business Interface
Area 12Agriculture and Food Security
Area 13Health and Social Welfare
Area 14Transport
Area 15Power and Energy     
Area 16IT, Computing & Telecommunications
Area 17Space Science and Technology
Area 18Geosciences
Area 19Science and Engineering
Area 20Water & Sanitation
Area 21Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Area 22Sustainable use of Natural Resources and Terrestrial Ecosystems
CATEGORY 3                  CROSS-CUTTING                                     
Area 23Entrepreneurship & Wealth Creation
Area 24Environment, Housing & Urban and Regional Development
Area 25Resource Governance
Area 27Science, Technology and Innovation System
Area 28Blue Economy
Area 29Clean and Affordable Energy

Eligibility and Requirements*

To get a TETFund National Research Grant, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be employed professors at government-owned tertiary institutions across the 36 states and the FCT.
  • Be multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary, with researchers from several fields participating in the research project.
  • When a research project is initiated, the Principal Investigator (an Associate Professor in an academic institution or Chief Lecturer in a polytechnic or a college of education) will lead the Research Team. They are responsible for the conduct of the research.
  • Additional requirements include being affiliated with an institution, with the PI’s institution serving as the Coordinating Institution.
  • TETFund might recruit researchers from private tertiary institutions, research institutes, centres of excellence, and the private sector to join the team as additional members.

How To Apply for TETFund Grants

All applications for TETFund Research Grants and Scholarships are made online on the TETFund Research Grant platform.

Information for the 2022 Academic Staff and Training Development cohort and the 2022 Research Grant has not been released. Stay updated by visiting the official TETFund website and TertFinder Twitter for news on TETFund Scholarships and Grants.

*Thematic Area Map and Research Grant Requirements provided by Scholarship Updates

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