How To Fall In Love With Your Course

Fall in love with your course

Have you recently lost the spark about your education? Did you get admission into a course you did not pick? Did you have a guardian choose your career path? If this is you, then keep reading.

Getting a university admission is more than enough reason to celebrate but what happens when you lack the motivation to carry you through the course? Success and passion are directly related and with the right strategies, it is guaranteed that anyone can finish with flying colours.

In this article, TertFinder highlights four ways to fall in love with your course at university even before your first lecture.

n this article, TertFinder highlights four ways to fall in love with your course at university even before your first lecture.
fall in your with your course

Break It Down

This is the first and most important top. To break down a course, you must ask all the right questions. Questions like:

  • What current skillset can I deploy in this course?
  • What are the core subjects and are they my forte?
  • What do I have to get good at to succeed in this course?
  • What personal and financial benefits are there to this course?
  • What successful person in today’s world completed this course?

Examining your course from the right angles will get you to create achievable goals to work towards and fall in love with your course.

Find A Community

Peer pressure is lucrative if channeled positively. Motivation is contagious. It is often said that if you have five successful friends, you also are a successful person. By joining a community or group of students with the same course and goals, their drive will eventually rub off on you. Attend classes, complete assignments, study, and brainstorm together. In no time, your motivation will be self-sustainable.

Talking About It

Personal research during your study time is good, but interacting with someone with experience in your course can help you find that spark. From asking your lecturer intelligent questions in class to getting in touch with professionals who have charted career paths with qualifications from your course, an unmotivated student is always left feeling recharged after such interactions. With time, you will start to look forward to leading intelligent conversations on your course as there will always be something to look forward to. This makes you fall in love with your course.

Real-Life Applications

When you are faced with imaginary theories, it can be challenging to apply them to real-life situations. You might wonder how learning a random line of code or reading about a hidden body organ can make the world a better place. Finding real-life applications for your course goes a long way in building your affinity for it.

For example, if you are an Engineering student and you have no idea why a machine part and its calculations are so important, you can use the internet to read up on engines in use and how that part functions in the system. Your education will start to get exciting when you find real-life applications. Volunteering is another great way to be motivated while building professional experience in your course and helping you fall in love with your course.

Part of growing up is accepting that many things may not always come easy. Some level of success requires intentionality and perseverance to pull off, and this experience usually happens outside one’s comfort zone. The good news is that with routine, every activity becomes easier. Keep your eyes on the goals ahead and watch each day become better than the previous.

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