From Poly To Uni – How To Get a BSc with an OND


BSc Degree HND

BSc Degree HND
BSc Degree HND

The Polytechnic is an educational institution with a wide range of vocational courses. On completing a two-year Polytechnic course, an OND (Ordinary National Diploma), also called ND (National Diploma), is awarded. A National Diploma certificate holder can then choose to advance their education by enrolling in a Higher National Diploma (HND) course or taking a university BSc course.

Even with its outstanding technical and vocational edge, compared to a Bachelor’s Degree (BSc Degree), a Polytechnic Diploma is less beneficial to graduates in the Nigerian labor market, especially during job applications. A Diploma holder will require professional courses and additional certification like ICAN or PGD to work in spaces where a BSc Degree holder can, even after graduation. Many students cross from Polytechnics to Universities due to this segregation, among many other reasons.

Through JAMB Direct Entry (DE), Diploma holders can conveniently apply for university courses without starting afresh. If you are only in the first year of your Diploma course, this option is not viable. The DE form is available to applicants in the same period as the standard UTME form. If the application process is successful, the student will be granted admission into the second or third year (200/300 Level) depending on their diploma certificate grades. For many looking to obtain a University degree, sacrificing a year of education comes easy. Degree courses usually span over four to six years. 

Direct Entry Requirements

  1. You must have completed your ND or HND with a Diploma certificate handy or in view.
  2. Purchase a DE form from the official JAMB site. It is usually on sale at the same time as UTME forms.
  3. Select your most preferred Univerity as the first choice on the DE form.
  4. Apply for a course in the same line as your Diploma education.

Another way to convert a Diploma to a BSc Degree is via the Top-Up Degree or HND to BSc Conversion Program. This program takes an average of three academic sessions and is open to all HND holders. Many people take this route to upgrade their certificates, become specialists, or sometimes change their career paths. After the program, a BSc certificate is issued to the student by the University. The program is available in a few Nigerian institutions, some of which are listed below.

  • University of Abuja
  • Babcock University, Ogun State
  • Southwestern University, Lagos State
  • Bells University Abeokuta, Ogun State
  • Federal University of Oye, Ekiti State
  • Ekiti State University
  • Delta State University
  • Lagos State University
  • Kwara State University
  • Al-Hikmah University Ilorin, Kwara State
  • Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo State

Physical and online Top-Up degree courses are also available for HND holders in various foreign schools.

It is important to verify if a school is accredited before enrollment. Many institutions prey on the ignorance of students looking to upgrade their certificates and leave them hanging high and dry with no value for their education. 

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