Breaking the Stigma Around Polytechnics


As active contributors to the growth of human resources in Nigeria, Polytechnics are an important institution. The technical skills received by Polytechnic graduates build up competent workforces in industry, thereby increasing productivity across regions. Even with these merits, Polytechnics in Nigeria are not deservingly regarded. The most common challenge of this education system is its stigmatized perception amongst future students and the current working generation.

Times are changing; people are now growing past the age-old stigmatization of Polytechnics and are starting to see the system’s many advantages. 

Here are some of them:

Reasons Why Polytechnics Outperform Universities

• With the everlasting demand for practical experience professionals, individuals with technical education backgrounds will always have the edge. While universities lean on theoretical learning, polytechnics offer a blend of theoretical and technical learning, usually with hands-on training from industry professionals via the compulsory Industrial Training program for Polytechnic students. This background places these students at an employment advantage because their education is career-focused and provides opportunities to establish vital links to the labor market while still in school. 

• In many universities, Diploma holders are allowed direct entry into their second or even third-year programs if their grades surpass the minimum requirement. A Diploma opens possibilities for its holders by giving them a head start on their university journey.

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• A significant point to note is affordability. Polytechnic diplomas cost less than University degrees while still offering optimal value. Factors affecting the economy usually leave a tight family budget for education, a budget that polytechnics can conveniently fit into for more than one student at a time.

• Gaining admission into a Polytechnic is easier and more seamless than for a University. Regardless of a student’s religious beliefs or their State of Origin, the Polytechnic admission process is more concerned with competence and capacity.

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