Six (6) Books You Must Read Before Your Tertiary Education

Apart from the new educational experience that university life gives first-time undergraduates, adjusting to other aspects might be a bit challenging. This is why many authors thoughtfully penned down helpful resources as books for students like you to navigate the journey.

From academics to productivity and even friendships, every single book contains eye-opening solutions to many hurdles and remains one of the most recommended materials for new students.

Here are six of them you should read before you step into a university.

Many new students think excessive reading and cramming is what will give you a parallel A, but the author Cal Newport believes otherwise in this book, and said “a real student studies smarter not harder.” Newport provides a simple approach to achieving successful academic excellence that anybody can master.

  • The Last Days at Forcados High by A.H. Mohammed

The book follows the story of Jimi Folade, a Nigerian teenager and the most popular boy in his school. The book tackles issues you might encounter in tertiary institutions ranging from drug abuse to discrimination and loss. It was published in 2016.

  • The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis

The Rachel Papers is an award-winning book published in 1973. The book is centered on the life of 19 years old Charles Highway; a computer nerd, an intelligent yet narcissistic protagonist preparing for his university entrance exams, and how he met the female protagonist Rachel Noyce and struggled to get her love while trying to maintain academic excellence all at once.

  • The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli

Published in 2022, this book narrates campus life with the story of the female protagonist Salma and her roommates and how they navigate through the challenges they encounter in their academic life.

  • What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 by Teena Seelig

Published in 2009, Teena Seelig provides a variety of solutions for students preparing for college or university. The book exposes the major difficulties you might encounter in your academic environment, some provocative stories, inspiring advice, humility and humor, multiple examples from classroom to boardroom, entirely providing you with solutions to achieve success and drive you to the professional world.

  • Learning How to Learn: How to Succeed in School Without Spending All Your Time Studying by Barbara Oakley

In this book, the authors show readers how to be productive while they read. It also addresses procrastination and the many learning processes students can make use of. Ultimately, readers will understand the secrets to how the brain works and how to unlock its power.

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