4 of The Best Courses for Commercial Students in Nigeria

Long gone are the days when Secondary School students have to make career choices from either Arts or Science courses. There are a plethora of commercial courses available for study at Nigerian universities. Most students already know what line to tow in the commercial sector, while some would have to be convinced before they finally decide.

Well, here are some of the Best Courses for Commercial Students in Nigeria.
Banking and Finance

This course is first on our list as it is the most popular commerce course in Nigeria. Finance is the general study of the creation and management of money and investments. On the other hand, banking deals with institutions responsible for the creation and management of finance. A Banking and Finance graduate can take on any related job in a finance company.


Marketing is one of the most critical aspects of every business, firm, or company’s success. Graduating with a good grade and exceptional practical knowledge can earn you a spot in any home or foreign company as a marketer or director. The best part of marketing is that you can invest your knowledge of it in your own business as an entrepreneur.


Accounting is one of the first courses that come to mind when you hear commerce. It deals with measuring, processing, and communicating financial and non-financial economic information for businesses and firms. It is a very important part of every business and arguably one of the most lucrative. Career opportunities for accountants include Internal Auditors, Management Accountants, Budget Analysts, Loan Officers, Financial Analysts, and more.


A person who studies Economics is called an Economist, and they have one of the highest hiring rates of all commercial courses. This is because the multifaceted course gives leeway to work in virtually any sector of the economy. Like most commerce courses In Nigeria, you will need professional certification after your Bachelor’s to utilize the full potential of your degree.

After you identify commerce as your holy grail, put your best into your education as commerce is a very accommodating and rewarding field for resourceful minds. Visit Tertfinder for more commercial courses.

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