Best Courses for Art Students in Nigeria

Art connects people across times and cultures, and because it is both universal and culturally
specific, it is a powerful means of increasing interpersonal and intercultural relationships.

Through the study of the arts, students gain a greater understanding of their regional customs
as well as global culture and relations.

There are over a hundred courses for art students in Nigerian universities. For some students, it might be a challenge to pick what field to explore their passion for the arts in. This article is here to guide

Top Courses for Art Students

In no order, here are four professional courses for art students you can study in Nigeria with jobs you can
work after your education.

1. Law

Law is one of the most professional courses for art students in Nigerian universities. It is also very competitive. As a graduate of law, you can fit into a number of judicial services like legal drafting, advising
legislative and administrative functions, work as a tax adviser, police officer, probation officer,
government research assistant, or political researcher, criminal prosecutor, civil litigator,
arbitrator, or be involved in the administration of a state.

2. English Language

English Language is a very marketable course to study. Apart from the edge, it gives you over
the average speaker, you can pursue a career in journalism, translation (if you speak a second
language), screenwriting, copywriting, editing and proofreading and so much more.

3. Mass Communication

Graduates of Mass Communication can take on jobs that require public communication in text,
audio or visual forms. You can be a part of TV and radio outlets as well as publishing
companies, working as a broadcaster or journalist. You can also be the frontman or corporate
communicator for businesses or organisations as their Public Relations Officer or Media
Consultant. Along with the other courses in this article, it is internationally recognized.

4. Theatre Arts

This course is very popular amongst arts students in Nigeria. From music to drama, art is
embroidered in the fabric of society and it finds so many expressions especially in modern
times. Theatre Arts is a field for careers such as musical directing, producing, and acting.

Theatre Arts could even lead you down paths as diverse as writing, drama therapy or dancing!
One good point to note about the majority of art courses is the flexibility the student has to
branch into many intersections of art as added experience. With the right information and
exposure, a Mass Communication student may try out social media management, marketing or
advertising and create a niche for themselves. A Theatre Arts student can also become a
playwright or screenwriter and even a movie director.

Find out your possible courses for art students from the course calculator.

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